Aug 7, 2012

08.07.12 YAP: Jonathan Gorong's final blog post

In the time that I have been the Young Champions Intern for Yap State, I have learned so much from my supervisors, partners, as well as experts and community activists in conservation. I have met so many different people from their various respected fields and the knowledge and experience that they’ve shared with me is something that I will not forget. It has guided and shaped my personal views of the world around me and how I interact with it. The works that I have been involved with has built up my capacity and understanding in conservation. I feel confident in the steps I am to take; the career path that I am set upon because of the experience and knowledge this internship has afforded me.

Sharing group work during Community Action Plan workshop
It has been a great run as the Young Champions Intern for Yap State. The time has come for me to pass on the challenge to the next successor. I hope for another willing and passionate candidate to continue the stand in our home State of Yap – Take the Challenge! The Micronesia Challenge and make it our own. The Young Champions Internship is a great opportunity. The experience you take away from the internship is so valuable, from all the interactions with various groups, exposure to different thinking, and networking with others. I encourage all interested candidates to apply and help build for a brighter, healthier, sustainable happy future, for us and the many generations to come. With our brothers and sisters in Micronesia, let us stand and not falter as we fight for conservation in our region and sustainability of our natural resources. I hope that I have served the Yapese people well in my awareness campaign in Yap State. I have fought the good fight and I look to a new successor to take up the Challenge.