Apr 5, 2011

Ann Marie Gawel
Mangilao, GU
Family size: fluctuates
School and area of study:
UOG, Graduate Program in Biology
In my family, I am known as the:
My favorite non-academic activity:
I'm really good at:
dumpster diving
My career path:
wildlife bioloist
How did you become aware of the Micronesia Challenge Young Champions:
my father sent me a flyer
As a Young Champion, what do you hope to achieve:
I had hoped to promote recycling awareness in Guam.
How have you noticed your village/island has changed in terms of the environment and sea?
Definitely. The forests keep disappearing, and will continue to as the military buildup swings into full gear.
Are you working on any special projects right now?
I am working with a nonprofit called Guam Environmental Alliance now that I've "retired" as a young champion.
How is the special project coming along?
Very well, we just helped to restore the Masso watershed, having planted over 3,000 trees.
What do you hope to accomplish being a young champion?
I hope UOG becomes a truly green campus, and that Green Army establishes as a self-sustaining force in the community.
By 2020, you hope that:
By 2020, I hope that all businesses and majority of households recycle, and I hope that children know more about how special our native limestone forests are.

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