Apr 9, 2011

Youri Ito

Village/Island: Ngardmau,
Family size: 3
School and area of study: OA but wanting to pursue marine science.

In my family, I am known as the: Quiet confident athlete
My favorite non-academic activity: surfing

I'm really good at: sports
My career p
ath: marine biologist
How did you become aware of the Micronesia Challenge Young Champions: I was recommended by Tova Bornovski.

As a Young Champion, what do you hope to achieve: Complete all the required documents.

How have you noticed your village/island has changed in terms of the environment and sea? People have started to be aware about the whole sea level rise and taking small actions. At least that is the way I see it.
Are you working on any special projects right now? I am working on a mangrove study with the Palau international coral reef center.
How is the special project coming along? Well I'm still in the middle of writing the report. But I know I will get it done.
By 2020, I hope that: I would become a marine biologist who plays a very important role in conservation in Palau.