Apr 6, 2011

Name: Broderick Menke
Village/Island: Uliga village on Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands
Family size: 7
School and area of study: College of the Marshall Islands
In my family, I am known as the: loudest and craziest and also the middle child.
My favorite non-academic activity: hanging out with friends, drinking coffee, family gatherings, and picnics.
I'm really good at: SMILING

My career path: I plan to be a marine biologist or an environmentalist in general. This internship made me realize what I wanted to become, and when I am older I would love to contribute to saving/maintaining our environment as much as I can.
How did you become aware of the Micronesia Challenge Young Champions: I was first introduced to Micronesia Challenge by my cousin, Doreen deBrum, who is familiar with the work since she is one of the people that links her work to Micronesia Challenge. Later I was fully informed of the Young Champions by Florence Edwards.
As a Young Champion, what do you hope to achieve: A well-informed Marshall Islands and a more appreciated environment.
How have you noticed your village/island has changed in terms of the environment and sea? I won't say it looked better than before because before it was beautiful; we are slowly losing our beauty but I think it is never too late...HOPE.
Are you working on any special projects right now? I am planning a community beautification project for Uliga village, which is where I live. My project includes replanting and cleanup. Along the way I will be presenting brief talks about climate change and environmental awareness - how people can be more aware of what is going on with and around them.
How is the special project coming along? I have yet to begin.
By 2020, I hope that: I hope for a clean and save environment.