Apr 8, 2011

Name: Alexander Peter

Date of Activity: On going

Location of Activity: Majuro atoll

Please describe your activity in detail: Over the past three months I have been engaged in community consultations pertaining to the Reimaanlok National Conservation Plan, doing activities that include resource management, mapping, and project scoping.

There is also a radio program which is aired out to the public every Saturdays which basically talks about the ongoing projects that the Marshall Islands Conservation Society is doing. Each of the programs that are aired talk about specific conservation efforts that are taking place at the moment and are linked towards climate change and adaptation measures that are being taken by other atolls that have a management plan. With each radio program, The Micronesia Challenge is always linked to the works that are being done, whether it is through consultation or through the radio program, it is always linked so that people have a better understanding that we are not alone through our conservation efforts, and that sense of ownership is within oneself.

Lastly our school visits, where we have gone to actually half of the schools on Majuro to talk about conservation efforts and conditions that we are facing from time to time because of climate change. By linking the MC to the students they have now a foundation of what is going on locally, nationally, and regionally.

Who was the audience for the activity? Did you reach the people you thought you would? Since most of our works are in the outer islands, more and more people have a better understanding of conservation and the importance of it. With the Micronesia Challenge, more and more people are beginning to understand that it actually links to their day to day livelihood being more of a need to actually have the 2030 by 2020. I believe that with the ongoing school visits and radio programs we have reached out to the general public and beyond. However, there is still a need to reach out to the outer islands since it is them who are lacking in the understanding of their surroundings and the need to improve on adaptation measures when it comes to climate change.

What was successful? The success of these activities is that more and more people are starting to take part in conservation and they are now getting a better understanding of how important conservation is.

What would you do differently next time, if anything? I would do the same thing over again because there is still a need to reach out to the outer islands.

Did you get any media coverage for your event, or are you planning to? No, but I am planning to do a media coverage next time I have an event.

Can you share a story or comment from the event? People started to notice me whenever they meet me anywhere. They would walk up to me and ask questions about the Micronesia Challenge. Some would walk up to me and said, I listen to your program whenever it's aired out.

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