Mar 1, 2011

Name: Polita Dil'Lungil Asanuma
Village: Koror, Palau
Family Size: 5 (including me)
School and Area of Study: Palau Community College; majoring in Liberal Arts
In my family, I'm known as the: only girl and that I'm quite persistent when I need something.
My favorite non-academic activity: is reading fictional books and listening to music
I am really good at: computer related work (there's still a lot to learn though)
My career path: There is so much things I'm interested at this point so I'm still deliberating. But right now I'm mostly interested in philosophy and general logic.
How did you become aware of the Micronesia Challenge Young Champions? I was contacted by Ms. Carol Emaurois, who works as the Head of the Education Department/PR for the Palau International Coral Reef Center, to ask me whether I'd be interested to join the MC's Young Champions Internship Program--and I said yes.
As a Young Champion, what do you hope to achieve? I hope to further educate not only myself but Palau's general public as well. I think it is important especially to educate and make the younger generation aware about the importance of saving both terrestrial and marine life, because it is for the better of their/ our future.
How have you noticed your village and island has changed in terms of the
environment and sea? Living in Koror, I've seen at first hand what developments of building structures and businesses has done to it's environment as well as sea. We can barely see any plants in Koror, and some parts of the ocean next to Koror and land as well are contaminated by sewage due to overpopulation in this village.
Are you working on any special projects? Not at the moment. But I hope it will be fun and educating.
By 2020, I hope that: Micronesia Challenge will reach their goal or better.