Jun 19, 2012

06.20.12 PALAU: Summer Camp

Just want to update you guys with what we have been up to. 

Well, for the past week, we have been assisting the Education Department at the Palau International Coral Reef Center prepare for the Arts and Crafts Week, which will be held from June 4-8, 2012. Arts and Crafts Week is a public awareness tool targeted at children ages 6-10. Its aim is to train young children to become aware of the importance of our reefs. By learning more about the different marine animals that make their homes in their reef and their basic needs for survival, children at a younger age can understand the need to keep our oceans clean and appreciate these natural resources. 

During Arts and Crafts Week, children use their artistic skills to sketch and color the animals they observe in the aquariums, learned about the basic need for different marine animals to survive, and use their creativity skills to assemble and design crafts with marine themes, and painted marine animal patterns on fabrics. Participants bring home with them all the crafts and artwork they create during the week. We attended the classes which was from 9:00 am-11:30 am, and assisted the kids with their artworks and activities. 

In addition, the class went on a field trip to Dolphin Park to learn the importance of the marine environment and Palau’s eco system.

That’s what we have been doing lately ! So stay tune til’ next time.  

The Ladies!☺.

Arts & Crafts Class of 2012 with Mrs. Sandra Sumang Pierantozzi, CEO of PICRC