Jul 27, 2012

07.27.12 RMI Broderick Menke on 350.org activities

On the month of May, a group of dedicated young Environmentalists joined together and attended a Climate Change workshop hosted by the 350 organization.

The 350.org is an organization created to focus on a world wide threat, Climate Change.   Aaron Packard and Linda Salvador members of the 350 organization came in to discuss and spread awareness on the organization and also to help us create and plan as young leaders an Eco-Friendly future for our islands.

Working as a team, we talked about how we could contribute to cutting down on our Carbon emissions by changing our lifestyles such as using more transportation that does not require fuel (bicycles) and using more solar and/or wind technology to power up our islands. They had also discussed methods of futuristic planning, Broadening our heads to realize what we are really putting us up for, and as young leaders we took the Challenge.
On our few days of critical thinking and collaborative heads, our conference was a success. 
While all of this was done, we then manage to join in on a movement called "Connecting the dots". Many other countries joined hands on this day to send out a message about our real problem Climate Change.
I've talked to many people about climate change, some knew about it, some did not but the people who did know about it said that they've seen it happen, and it is very much an unpleasant feeling for most of us who live on low laying islands only inches above the water.
Sunrise photo, 350 Marshall Islands Crew with Reverend starting our day with a prayer