Aug 11, 2012

08.12.12 MARSHALL ISLANDS: World Oceans Day 2012

Three years in a row the Marshall Islands young environmentalists have been commited on celebrating world oceans day. This year we took a much more serious action and called in the whole island. The fresh youth organization Jo-Jikum took initiative and organized an all community event that includes trash pick up around the coast line and an underwater clean up just several yards away from the shoreline.

After a month of planning we rocked and rolled.

And this is our conclusion

FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETEEN BAGS!!! after several hours of trash pick up. It was unbelievable but it was a FACT. after this clean up, we were motivated to plan more to show our islands the destruction they are causing without noticing. 

****To view more awesome photos of this day please simply click the link below :) ENJOY :)