May 9, 2012

05.10.12 CHUUK: The things you notice...

Visiting the College of Micronesia (COM) - Chuuk Campus, I noticed something strange going on right outside the fence.

Not cool!
There was water pouring out one of the Pacific International Incorporated (PII) big hoses. Upon closer inspection I realized they were pouring sewage out into the ocean, as well as the land near the sea wall that runs along the near shore area of COM.

I couldn’t help but think about the damage this act was causing. Not only are they destroying what is left of the marine resources in that area, but the smell was something the students, as well as faculty, staffs and the people around that area had to inhale almost everyday. I wondered to myself whether our Department of Environmental Protection Agency was aware of this and whether they were doing something about it.

So not cool!
I know that for so long the people of Chuuk have had to face driving on a road that was in need of repair quite badly, but is this more important than the life of our environment? Is this worth losing so many of the things we’ve depended on for so many years? Why are we letting outsiders come in and do whatever they want to do with our environment? In the end, we will be the ones facing the consequences of the actions they are taking today. Not only will we suffer, but the future generation will too.

I think we should start doing something now before this gets out of hand. Not only do I see them pouring sewer out to the ocean, or wherever they want to, but they are slowly decimating our mountains. People living there are losing their homes because of this. We shouldn’t think only about the problems of today, but look towards the future and see how the actions of today will affect the people of tomorrow.

/s/ Kriz in Chuuk