Apr 29, 2012

04.30.12 Welcome to the Ladies of Palau

FB Communications

Hello everyone! We're the young champs from Palau and you can call us, Dilu and Lyan (or as Dan Ho would put it--the Ladies.....LOL). 

As you might tell we haven't had the chance to blog earlier because we got on the program late in February. Anyway, let us tell you all what we have been doing for the past weeks or so. We've been helping out at the Aquarium at Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) with informational posters and touring school children around the aqaurium. 

Touring kids from Ngeremlengui Elementary School
With the informational posters, we picked out a sea creature and basically did a background poster. For example, for our first poster we did a background poster for the lobster. We found out that there are 38 different types of lobsters found in the world and then named the different types found in Palau which are Panulirus vesicolor (Painted Spiny Lobster), Panulirus penicillatus (Pronghorn Spiny Lobster) and Panulirus longipes femoristriga (Longlegged Spiny Lobster). Out of those three, the painted spiny lobster is the least common in Palau. As for the tour guide business, we help out as much as we can. We had to read a manual on the proper ways of doing a tour guide of course. Luckily one of us--Lyan to be precise--had the chance to act as co-tour guide for the Ngeremlengui Elementary School during Awareness Week for public schools. A tour with students is fairly easy to do. It could last for an hour or may be less. The only difficult part of it is speaking loud and simple to understand, and trying to keep the kids' attention at the same time. When we do not have any school kids to tour around the aquarium, we pitch in and help the aquarists clean up the aquarium. We want to keep those tanks nice and shiny for the visitors! :)

Viewing Palau's famous Jellyfishes
During our time here at PICRC, we also created a facebook group for Palau Microneisa Challenge Communication Group. Basically, we use it to inform Palauan citizens of the Micronesia Challenge goal amongst other things. We have to admit that it's still a working progress. So we'll have to get back at you all on that. Other communication techniques included phoning officials' offices and obtaining contact information for the Koror Legislators. If we are successful reaching out to them, we will be successful in reaching out to the community as well. This is pretty much it so far. Hopefully by the next blog we'd have more interesting stuff for you. So until next time.

Yours truly,

the Ladies

Aquarist Joetlin cleaning the inside of a fish tank.
Helping the aquarist with the tanks.