Sep 17, 2012

09.18.12 CHUUK The Damage Continues.

On my last blog I had spoken about the things we notice yet don't really do something about them. I told of the Pacific International Incorporated (PII) pouring sewage into our waters. Just last week, while walking down the road from work I saw yet again the same thing happening near the Transco area. What is going on? Where are our leaders? and when will this continued damage finally cease?

I can still remember the first time I came to Chuuk. Getting ready to head to our islands, I would sit on our boat and watch the variety of fish and other life moving about in the water. Today, getting on a boat from this area of the water all I see when I take a look is murky waters without the existing life that used to be so ever present.

Looking at what was going on  last week, I wonder, are our leaders really going to let this onslaught to one of our main source of livelihood continue? It's taken PII more than three years since they've been here and still there is no real progress made to our roads, instead there's more and more damages going on, both on land and sea. So once again I ask, are we really going to let this continue? What are our leaders doing? An ocean where we once saw so many different species swimming about is now filled with mud, and has now turned from being blue and clear to brown and murky, where will we be getting fish to eat? A mountain where birds lived, a variety of different plant species existed, and also a popular hiking spot is now gone. The trees are gone, the birds have flown somewhere, and it is now a dangerous place to go because of landslides, what should we do about this? Let us stand together Chuuk! Let's now forget about what we want and concentrate on what we need in order to survive and to keep the generation to come safe and out of danger!

/s/ Kris in Chuuk