Mar 29, 2012

03.30.12, YAP. Jonathan Gorong blogs.

A Message to My PEERS

Yapese Students COM Founding Day
We the youths of Micronesia often say that our home islands are nothing but a dead end. That nothing ever happens and that our customs and traditions are a thing of the past. We crave technology, foreign ideals, and a new way of life; and so with that mentality a great deal of us youth often travel abroad to pursue a higher education and a better life, with a set decision never to come back. And some that stay behind often feel that they are missing out on something super fun happening out there... maybe... maybe not.

My first Dive
Typical Yap Sunset
Having been the Micronesia Challenge Young Champions Intern for Yap State and my current involvement with the Nimpal Channel MCA has given me a better understanding and exposed me to the different aspects of Conservation work, and the opportunities are practically unlimited for our island home. There is a whole bunch of work that needs to be done. Who is going to do it? We are, the youth of Micronesia. To reach our goals of the delicate balance of sustainability and conservation, it requires us the next generations to take an interest and pursue these challenges through our education and eventually our career paths; hence, taking everything to the next level of sustainable development that is good for our home islands. My point is not necessarily for everyone to pursue a career in conservation works, but too pursue "good" development in Micronesia as a whole. We have the potential to grow and be better than what we already are at a pace and scale that is appropriate and nurturing of our beautiful islands.

Yapese Bamboo Dance
It's been a good experience with the Nimpal Team. I have definitely learned a lot and been greatly influenced. My goals have become clearer and my path more defined. I do encourage my peers to look closely around you and find something that you value in your home areas, something that you know is important, and pursue it as a career goal. We often think that to stay back on our home island is pointless. On the contrary, it is us who must take up the mantle. It is us who must take the helm and be responsible. After all it is only our home that we are working for, to develop and better it the way we want, but in a sustainable manner that we may enjoy it for many coming years. We have so much work to do here at home, on our islands. It just takes the will and determination of us Micronesians to take it upon ourselves to see it through. The prospects out there, in the world are staggering. But I want to do my part at the local level, where everything that matters the most to me... is at.

Kayaking in mangrove channel


Nature in its original form
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