Sep 21, 2011

Meet the Mentor

Meet Lisa Huynh Eller, a Young Champions mentor in CNMI, Saipan.

Born and raised in California of Vietnamese descent, she moved to Hawaii at 17 to attend Univeristy of Hawaii at Maona where she majored in Journalism. She moved to the CNMI with her husband in 2009 and began almost immediately to work with the Division of Environmental Quality.

"I believe mentoring our next conservation leaders is one of the most important functions of my job. I've been blessed to work with three very talented and hardworking interns. I'm inspired every day by their fresh ideas and hopes for the future of Micronesia," says Lisa.

Her passions are writing, traveling and exploring. She enjoys boonie stomping and biking around the beautiful island of Saipan. She finds inspiration in the traditions of sustainability and community across Micronesia.

So if you're in the CNMI and are interested in becoming a young champion, look for Lisa!